Uninstall Adobe Photoshop from Mac

As well as any other large app downloaded outside App Store, Adobe Photoshop creates lots of service files. They are operate similarly to caches in browser. Photoshop tracks your experience, saves states of various objects and current drawings, error logs, etc.

If you was working with our disk utilities downloaded from App Store like App Cleaner or Duplicates Expert, you may notice that they require confirmation to access different system folders?


That’s because of SandBox rule that prohibits AppStore apps to access folders outside its own folder. Literally, app is allowed to play only in its own sandbox. To go somewhere else, it should ask someone elder – Mac OS X. Quiet narcissistic name, Apple, isn’t it? However, this helps to delete AppStore application completely, simply drag and dropping them in Trash. Apps downloaded outside AppStore have a greater freedom and do not bother you with additional action, but when you delete them with all service files – is quite sophisticated task.

So, here are quick articles how to uninstall various Photoshop versions:

uninstaller for apps