2. Features

Disk Expert works with local volumes, displaying them and allows you to scan volumes for file structure.

Here is a list of possibilities you get with Disk Expert:

  • View available volumes of types: hard disk volumes, flash drive volumes, CD and DVD disks, mounted DMG volumes.
  • View volume information: volume size, free size, file system type, device model number, device interface, bootable option.
  • Navigate through the folders of scanned volumes, displaying files and folders.
  • Get information about files and folders sizes.
  • Use QuickLook preview for folders and files.
  • Get information about file or folder, preview them in Finder.
  • Scan network disks.
  • Find your hidden files and folders.
  • Scan protected folders with FileVault or other protected systems.
  • Remove unneeded files to Trash.
  • Move or copy files and folders to other locations and volumes.