Disk Space Analyzer is a disk space visualizer with a wide set of features to manage disk usage and free up disk space. See the list of features on Disk Space Analyzer:

  • Scan any type of volumes: hard disk volumes, flash drive volumes, CD and DVD disks, mounted DMG volumes, network disks, cloud-based storages.
  • Scan protected folders with FileVault or other protected systems.
  • Navigate through the folders of scanned volumes, displaying files and folders.
  • Get information about file and folder sizes, and dates when they were last modified.
  • Quick Look a preview of folders and files.
  • Get information about files or folders, and preview them in Finder.
  • Find your hidden files and folders.
  • Create a list of files and folders for future organizing.
  • Remove unneeded files to Trash.
  • Move or copy big files and folders to other locations and volumes.

Context Menu

You can use the context menu for the following features:

  • Select the file or folder for future operations.
  • Show the file or folder in Finder.
  • Get information about the selected file or folder.
  • Quick Look the file or folder.
  • Add a folder to the list of Favorites.
  • Remove a folder from the list of Favorites.
  • Quickly remove the selected file or folder.
  • Move the file or folder to another folder.
  • Copy the file or folder to another folder.
  • Get insight into the folder in the diagram.
  • Go to the root folder.

context menu in disk space analyzer

Get information

You can use the context menu to open the information window for each selected item on the diagram or press Command+I key shortcut for items on the diagram or in the Outline section.

showing file info in disk space analyzer

Show in Finder

To show a file or folder in Finder, you can use the context menu or use the Command+O key shortcut for a selected section on the diagram or in the outline.
calling Show in Finder option in Disk Space Analyzer

Quick Look

To Quick Look a folder or file, use the Space key on your keyboard or select this option in the context menu.

calling Quick Look option in Disk Space Analyzer

Add to Favorite Folders

For quick accessing, scanning and analyzing of often used folders, you can add them to the Favorite Folders list. Use the context menu for this option.
adding folder to Favorites list in Disk Space Analyzer app

Find the biggest files and folders

The bigger a folder or file, the bigger its related section on the diagram. So you can find your large files right on the diagram.
Also there is a special Biggest files panel on the right where you can see the list of largest files and folders, arranged in descending order of size.
list of Big Files on Mac in Disk Space Analyzer

Navigate files and folders

You can easily navigate your folders and see what is inside each of them. Just click on the appropriate section on the diagram, and a new space usage diagram will show up the content inside the clicked folder.

outline option in disk space analyzer