Disk Space Analyzer works with local volumes, displaying them and allows to scan volumes for file structure. There is list of possibilities and some limits it can do.

Disk Space Analyzer does:

  • Displays available volumes of types: hard disk volumes, flash drive volumes, CD and DVD disks, mounted DMG volumes.
  • Displays volume information: volume size, free size, file system type, device model number, device interface, bootable option.
  • Displays animated progress when disk scanning process.
  • Allows to navigate you through the folders of scanned volumes, displaying files and folders.
  • Provides information about files and folders size.
  • Can show QuickLook preview for folders and files.
  • Allows to get information about file or folder, preview them in Finder.

Disk Space Analyzer does not:

  • Does not allow to work with network disks.
  • Does not show you hidden files and folders for stability reason. It’s possible to delete system files and folders if user is new to Mac OS X, better just not to display them.
  • Does not scan protected folders with FileVault or other protect system.
  • Does not remove or clean files on disks, it just displays files and folders.