Remove Language Resources

ClearDisk is an application that allows you to clean up your Mac by removing all unneeded files and folders that may be using a lot of disk space, such as:

  • Language resources
  • Downloads
  • Caches
  • Logs
  • Trash

Language resources are the files used for app localization. The files are used to translate the original app to foreign languages, such as Chinese, Arabic, etc. Some applications are localized to more than 50 languages. As a result, they can use as much as 500 MB of memory.

With ClearDisk you can remove localization files for unused languages.

*Please note, the app doesn’t remove language resources from the default Apple applications due to  System Integrity Protection (SIP).

1. Launch the app and click Scan to start scanning your hard drive.

startup disk almost full

2. Go to Language Resources section and click the Flag icon to view localization files.

clear language files

3. Choose the app in a list of applications. Choose the languages you don’t need and click the Clean button. That’s all. Repeat the third step for other applications or click “Select all” and clean unneeded languages for all apps at once.

ClearDisk icon