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I am “losing” huge amounts of disk space of my primary Mac drive.
I should point out that Disk Space Analyzer is the ONLY utility that at least recognizes this space by simply referring to it as “Inaccessible Disk Space”. I have tried reinstalling macOS from scratch and then using Migration Assistant to restore all my apps and data. This seemed to do the trick however about a week later the “Inaccessible Disk” space suddenly returned.
I have googled this issue and ruled out all the usual suspects such as local Time Machine files, hidden directories etc, but so far have had no success.
I am now totally desperate and was wondering if you could suggest anything I should try to fix this problem.
scanning time machine with Disk Space Analyzer

The answer

Typically it happens if your disk has some data that were created with root/admin access.
Disk Space Analyzer can see that some extra files or folders exist, but can’t touch the files to get any information (as any other application on Mac).

It often happens with Time Machine saved data, nevertheless, the app can’t get any info and even can’t mark the data as Time Machine backup or something else. To view these files you just need to launch Disk Space Analyzer with the same user rights as files have.

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