Adobe Photoshop CC (2015)

This Photoshop version is deleted via Creative Cloud

  1. Launch Adobe Creative Cloud
    Macintosh HD/Applications/Adobe Creative Cloud/Adobe Creative Cloud
    uninstall photoshop cc Mac #1
  2. In Creative Cloud window at Apps tabs find Photoshop CC (2015)
    application. Click on cogwheel next to Open button and choose Uninstall
    uninstall photoshop cc Mac #2
  3. The app will ask you to save the settings. It is recommended to choose another option if you don’t want to be bothered by the app again. However, you will lose all your settings. You decide.
    uninstall photoshop cc mac #3
  4. If there are no more applications in Adobe CC – delete the whole Creative Cloud.
    How to Uninstall Creative Cloud from Mac

You can also uninstall Photoshop CC (2015) with an App Cleaner & Uninstaller. The app allows uninstalling any program on a Mac correctly and safely.

uninstall adobe photoshop

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