Find Duplicate Files with Disk Expert

Disk Expert is basically a tool designed for searching and deleting (moving to external drive) of unnecessary files and folders. This may be useful for those who work with videos, images and large documents.

Comparing to other disk space management tools Disk Expert has several specific features:

  • List of biggest files for every folder and subfolder;
  • Displaying of system and hidden files.

So here is a screenshot of a disk with several video duplicates “IMG_0084.MOV”, “IMG_0085.MOV”, “IMG_0083.MOV”. Note that there is a copy of “IMG_0084.MOV” trashed highlighted white.


Disk Expert HD Scan Complete

In this screenshot, all files are moved to “Drop Files” section. You can delete them all together. After this they will be moved to violet sector representing Trash and diagram will be automatically changed.


Duplicate Files Selected

  • This option works only for biggest files in a folder as “Biggest Files” list contains only 25 items.

  • Available-On-Mac-App-Store