Mac Task Manager

Windows users got used to Task Manager. When they start using Mac OS X, they found out that there is no such handy shortcut as CTRL+ALT+DELETE. Some say that there is no such tool on Mac at all. And they would be wrong.

In fact, everything it is available, only the name of this tool is different. Furthermore, on Mac OS have two tools that can be compared to Task Manager.

Forse Quit Applications

Task manager mac 1

This tool can be launched by pressing ⌘+Option(alt)+Escape shortcut. It is intended to quit applications, i.e. something like Task Manager in Windows. If your app freezes, use this shortcut (⌘+Option(alt)+Escape) and choose the app and click on Force Quit.

Activity Monitor

task manager mac 2

This application is a basic set in Mac OS X. It displays all the processes, memory usage, cpu usage etc. Giving even more detail comparing to Task Manager in Windows.

So Apple again moves towards simplification of Mac OS X functions. If any of application freezes, there is a tool that without additional actions allows to stop the application. If you have to monitor your hardware and the applications you run a special monitoring utility – Activity Monitor.

Memory Cleaner X

task manager mac 3

You can also use our free application

Memory Cleaner X.
First of all it is intended to speed up your Mac by cleaning the used memory. The app also allows to view a list of all running applications and the amount of memory used by them. Also allows to quit and force quit of running programs.

A sort of a nice bonus in the form of built-in Task Manager.


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