macbook battery health
If you use MacBook Air or Pro, you should pay attention to the state of your laptop batteries. Be especially watchful if there are any suspicious symptoms; for example, your Mac’s battery discharges quickly or it doesn’t work without a power source. It may happen because after numerous recharge cycles, batteries lose their capacity so you need to replace it. The macOS monitors the state of the battery continuously, so you can always determine the battery’s health. Let`s learn more about that.

Why check the power condition on Macbook

The MacBook battery wears out quickly if you use it quite intensively. You should monitor its status and serviceability; otherwise, there is a risk of having a not-working MacBook at the most inopportune time.

Checking the battery health is especially relevant in cases when the battery is reduced and it doesn’t start charging even with a cable.

How to view the battery health on Mac

To check the power on your MacBook Pro, press and hold Option (Alt) key and click the icon of the battery in the Menu Bar. The advanced options of the battery menu will appear. Here you can view all the important data about your battery life.

how to view macbook power condition

What do the states of battery health mean

There are four states your battery may be in:

  • Normal – Your battery is in great health and is functioning well.
  • Replace Soon – This means that the battery has deteriorated. It works fine; however, it keeps a charge now less than it did previously. The battery will have to be replaced soon.
  • Replace Now – The battery is functioning well, but it keeps a charge much worse than previously. You should replace the battery as soon as possible to prevent damaging your laptop.
  • Service Battery – The battery has to be replaced immediately. It can be damaged and overheated, which, as a result, may damage other components of your MacBook.

How to check a number of battery charge cycles

Every MacBook Pro or Air has a certain number of charge cycles. To view all details about your battery’s cycles, follow the next steps:

Press and hold Option (Alt) → Go to the MenuSelect System InformationPower Options.

macbook pro battery

If you want to extend battery power you should clean up your Macbook between times. You can clear the cache and all junk files with the Clear Disk application. In our previous article, you can find 7 tips to maximize your Macbook’s battery life. Also, read “How to save power using Energy Saver preferences pane.

Now you know how to check the power condition of Macbook batteries. Regularly check your battery health to protect yourself from unexpected problems.