How to Delete Downloads on Mac

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Usually, more than a half of files on your Mac were downloaded from the Internet, i.e. from web browsers, messengers, torrents, mail. By default most Mac applications save files in a correspondent Downloads folder that can be easily found by this location:

Macintosh HD > Users > [current user=””][/current] > Downloads

delete downloads mac

Here you can easily trash all downloaded files in a usual manner.

Another quick solution is ClearDisk, except deleting Language resources, Caches, and Logs, you can get rid of Downloads as well as emptying the Trash right after.

delete downloads mac #1


P.S.  If in applications settings you altered location where to store downloaded files, it may be a hard issue to find them and delete. Here you can see our list of the most “downloading” apps and how to deal with them.


Make Skype app active, then press ⌘+”,” or go to menu bar (left top corner of a screen) and choose Skype->Preferences option.

In appeared window find another option Save files in:  where you can remind or even change place to store your files.

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Google Chrome

Here you also should visit settings. Make Chrome active and press ⌘+”,” or go to menu bar and choose Chrome ->Preferences.

delete downloads mac #3

In appeared window go down until you find Show advanced settings.

delete downloads mac #4

Finally, after clicking on it find Downloads.

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Launch Safari and also click ⌘+”,” or go to preferences.

In appeared window find option File download location:delete downloads #6


The same works for µTorrent. In appeared window go to Directories and there you can find all the required settings.

delete downloads #7


Mail app principles are completely different, that’s why we highlighted it in a special article. Check it out by the link Delete Mail Downloads.

If there is an app you have problems with, write us in comments below. We’ll do our best to help you!


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