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Duplicates Expert – Ultimate Duplicate File Remover

Duplicates Expert Overview

    1. Do you know that at least 7% of your content on Mac is duplicate?

      You create duplicates accidentally in cases when you copy folders to a new destination without removing the original folder, download the same file twice, back up your hard drive, etc.

      We have a superfine solution for you – Duplicates Expert!

      Only $9.99


    • 1

      Duplicate Finder

      Drag and drop multiple folders or drives and scan them for duplicate content.

    • 2

      Reporting Tool

      Get clear results, explore files by subcategories, use app’s suggestions and hints.

    • 3

      Duplicate Cleaner

      Remove all your duplicate content, including hidden files and similar folders.

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    • I. Finder

      Duplicates Expert can scan at a time as many folders and drive as you selected. Files are categorized by types, we also have 2 various folder types: fully correspondent to each other and similar. Every category represents joined duplicate cluster and file preview. Options like variable autoselect and quick look simplifies deletion process.

    • II. Reporting Tool

      The app collects files together as well as their characteristics for your convenience. You can change your reports by altering minimum duplicates’ size, using Skip lists for specific files, folders and extensions etc.

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    • III. Cleaner

      Specific autoselect options, option to remove whole similar folder in stead of folders’ files one by one makes Duplicates Expert the best choice application to find duplicate files on Mac.

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    • Additional Information
      • Application Category - Utilities
      • Operating System - OS X 10.9 or later
      • Processor Requirements - 64-bit processor
      • Performance Language - English
      • File Size - 11 MB
      • Price - 9.99USD
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      • Fast scanning algorithm

      • Animated scanning process

      • Option to scan hidden folders

      • Option to scan hidden folders

      • Duplicates by file type

      • Duplicate and Similar folders

      4.5/5 based on 36ratings
    • Macmorfe  5 star

      Very-very easy to use, does not go just by file name, which is really important to me. It is fun to use!
    • Brian  5 star

      I've just purchased Duplicates Expert and sent out the link to others, I'm really impressed with the app.
    • Patrick  

      I'm use it for duplicated 'scanned images' and this is superhelpful when I have to organize my images.