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Duplicates Expert – Ultimate Duplicate Files Finder

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  • I. Getting Started…

    Drop as many folders and drives as you want and press “Enter” button. Enjoy the magic!

  • II. Scanning

    We call our application an “Expert”. And that’s absolutely true: it scans Pictures, Movies, Music, Documents, Archives and any Other file type. We also scan duplicate Folders and provide you with a list of “almost-duplicate” Similar folders.

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  • III. Results

    All files are sorted by file types, you can navigate to any section (Movies, Archives, etc.) and search for such type of content only. We also provide quick information about biggest Similars and Cleanup Hints to simplify your job.

IV. Inside Section

Navigating to any section you will be able to select every duplicate of specific file type. Also you can sort your files by name, date, number, size, age and total size; quickly preview duplicate in Finder or trust everything to the app clicking on Auto Select button. Note: we have several Auto Select options, e.g. select newest or oldest duplicates.

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V. Our Killing Feature

We put much effort to make the fastest comparing algorithm, beautiful design and tunable features. But we are extremely proud of something else – our Similars. Duplicate finders usually search for identical content only. We give you a chance to find folders that are half-duplicate containing both similar and unique content to each other. Use this feature once and you’ll fall in love forever.

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  • Additional Information
    • Application Category - Utilities
    • Operating System - OS X 10.9 or later
    • Processor Requirements - 64-bit processor
    • Performance Language - English
    • File Size - 11 MB
    • Price - 9.99USD
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    • Fast scanning algorithm

    • Animated scanning process

    • Option to scan hidden folders

    • Option to scan hidden folders

    • Duplicates by file type

    • Duplicate and Similar folders

    4.5/5 based on 36ratings
  • Macmorfe  5 star

    Very-very easy to use, does not go just by file name, which is really important to me. It is fun to use!
  • Brian  5 star

    I've just purchased Duplicates Expert and sent out the link to others, I'm really impressed with the app.
  • Patrick  

    I'm use it for duplicated 'scanned images' and this is superhelpful when I have to organize my images.