Duplicate Finder

Product Tour

Enjoy the most intelligent duplicate file finder

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  • I. Getting Started…

    Drop multiple folders or the whole drives and press “Enter” button. Enjoy the magic!

  • II. Scanning

    In a free version Duplicate Finder scans Pictures, Movies, Music, Documents, Archives and any Other file type. Upgrade to PRO to scan duplicate Folders and “almost-duplicate” Similar folders.

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III. Inside Section

You can sort files by names, dates, numbers, size, time they were created and total size; quickly preview duplicate in Finder or trust it to the app by clicking on Auto Select button. Note: there are several Auto Select options, e.g. select newest or oldest duplicates. More options in app Preferences.

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IV. Remove Files

Review your files once again and click “Remove”. Note that by default files will be moved to the Trash. As well this option can be changed in Preferences.

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  • V. Upgrade to PRO

    Upgrade Duplicate Finder and unlock the full potential of the app. Use smart hints, find hidden files, duplicate and even similar folders.