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Enjoy the most intelligent duplicate file cleaner

Duplicate File Finder is a utility, that helps you to quickly get rid of useless duplicate files and folders from your Mac. You will be pleasantly surprised by its search speed and accurate results in handling duplicates.

  • 1. Scan the folders

    It’s stunningly easy and fast to find duplicate files on Mac with our application.

    All you need is to drop multiple folders or whole drives to the app’s window, and click the Start button. And enjoy the magic!

  • 2. Find duplicates

    This free duplicate cleaner scans your folders and finds duplicate pictures, movies, music, documents, archives and any other types of files. With the PRO version you can operate duplicate folders and non-identical Similar folders.

  • 3. Review duplicates

    Preview each file right in the app’s window or open it in the Finder. For your convenience, sort the files by type, name, count, size, time they were create, and other parameters.

  • 4. Select unneeded duplicates

    Select the files you don’t need manually or entrust this task to the app. With the AutoSelect option you can make your cleanup process faster and more reliable – choose in which folders you want to keep the duplicates and from where you want to remove them. All unneeded duplicates will be automatically selected in one click.

  • autoselect duplicates

  • 5. Remove duplicate files

    After you have finished the duplicates selection, click Remove. You will be able to preview all the selected files once again and confirm deleting. Note that by default the files will be moved to Trash. However, you can change this option in Preferences.

  • 6. Upgrade to Pro

    Get your best experience with Duplicate File Finder. Upgrade to Pro and unlock absolutely all the features of the app. Use smart cleanup hints, find hidden duplicates, operate identical and even similar folders.

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