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Perhaps you encountered applications that request to install Java? Its installation is quite simple. But subsequent removal without proper knowledge can cause problems. Today we will tell you about two methods of quick Java removal.


  1. Uninstall Java manually.
  2. Uninstall Java with Terminal.
  3. Uninstall Java with App Cleaner.

Remove Java from Mac Manually

Java machine is not an application, so it does not appear either in the Launchpad or in the Application folders. The only place where you can see it – System Preferences. (Highlighted in red)

System preferences window with Java highlighted

But you can delete Java plugin through the Applications folder with some condition.

  1. Go to Finder.
  2. Go to the Applications folder.
  3. In search field type “JavaAppletPlugin.plugin”.
  4. Trash the file.

Finder window with java plugin file

How to uninstall Java on Mac with Terminal

  1. Launch Terminal Application.
  2. Enter the command:

    sudo rm -fr /Library/Internet/Plug-Ins/JavaAppletPlugin.plugin

  3. Enter the password of your account (the account must have administrator privileges).
  4. Terminal window with command to uninstall java

How to Uninstall Java using App Cleaner & Uninstaller

  1. Launch App Cleaner & Uninstaller.
  2. Go to the Extensions tab → Preference Panes section.
  3. Select Java and click the Remove button.

app cleaner-extensions tab-uninstall java

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