Uninstall Skype on Mac

Except funny emoticons there is one more thing about Skype on your Mac: it creates to many system files that occupy your hard drive and remain even after you have deleted the app. Its size may be even bigger than size of the app itself.

Note that these files could be somewhere inside the system, in various folders that are usually hidden. App Uninstaller provides you with an ability not only to delete the application, but rather all system files that are associated with it, thus optimizing space on a hard drive.


App Uninstaller skype

In this figure you can see, that Skype takes 220 Mb in total, but the app itself is only 93 Mb. Everything else are system files and caches, that are left after simple ordinary deletion.

To delete Skype completely:

1)  Download App Uninstaller for free

2) Launch the app and click on confirm button.

3) Find Skype in the app’s list.

4) Select all files associated with Skype.

5) Press delete and enter a password from user account. Right after you can delete all files at once.

If you have deleted Skype before, but still would like to free up everything else, go to “Remains” section as it’s shown in a screenshot below.


App Uninstaller Skype remains