OS X El Capitan – Review. Sum Up

This article concludes our series of reviews of upcoming updates using Mac OS X.

If you have not read the previous articles – you can read them here.

OS X El Capitan reviews 1 – 4

So, let’s sum up!


Overall, OS X began to look a little nicer. No wow effects, just a few nice details such as the new split screen fonts, more harmonious windows arrangement in the mission controll, etc.

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In general, differences from Yosemite notice can only be compared with 2 screens.


El Capitan is faster than its predecessor. It’s noticeable even in beta testing. Also we are waiting for the introduction of Metal technology, which will speed up the work with heavy graphics applications, and gives a chance for developers of games on Mac OS X.

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The most controversial at the moment innovation is related to security. SIP, which on the one hand will increase the protection of your personal data, on the other – limits your opportunities. Apple claims that this innovation is directed to the corporate sector. Common users can remove all restrictions.

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Apps and features

Apple applications also got small and medium nice addition. Such as fastening tabs in Safari and attaching pictures, Notes etc.

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As well Spotlight became more like Siri

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So what we have in total? Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan update can not be called radical. It’s all the same Yosemite with a wide range of small and nice additions improving system stability and functional design.

Therefore, the name of El Capitan – very well chosen, as it is part of Yosemite National Park, its highest point. So I think OS X 10.11 should be the best one for OS X 10.10.

Stay tuned September 9 we will tell you how to prepare your Mac for the upcoming release of a new version of Mac OS X.

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