Why your iPhone won’t Turn on

Lora Savenko
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October 26, 2021
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When you use a smartphone, you expect it to work properly. However, despite the device’s capabilities, you may face malfunctions from time to time. In this post, we want to share five possible reasons why your iPhone won’t turn on. In addition, we will supplement these situations with some tips on what to do when an iPhone won’t turn on.

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  1. Charging. If your iPhone won’t turn on or charge, the problem may be with the battery or charging process. To check this problem, follow the next steps:

    • Take an Apple USB cable and power adapter and plug your iPhone into a power source. The cable and adapter should not be wet or damaged.
    • Make sure that the lightning connector is clear.
      iphone usb port and cable and adapterusbcable for iphone
    • Let it charge at least for an hour.
    • If you see that the iPhone did not start charging, check that the cable and adapter are working with the other Apple devices. If the problem is in the cable or adapter, try another one that works.
      iphone screen showing critical low battery charge
      As another option, you can launch iTunes on a computer and connect your iPhone to it via a working cable. If the computer detects your iPhone, you will see its charging status next to the name of your iPhone.
      If your iPhone is charging but won’t turn on, this could be due to one of the reasons listed below.

    • If your iPhone did not start charging, the problem may be with the battery. Do not try to replace the battery by yourself. Ask for help in Apple Support or at the nearest Apple Store.
  2. Temperature. If your iPhone turned off and won’t turn back on when it is extremely hot or cold outside, the reason may be due to a temperature condition. An iPhone has temperature limits for its proper work, with ambient temperature between 32° and 95°F (0° and 35°C). If the interior temperature goes beyond these limits, your iPhone may behave in the following way:

    • iPhone stops charging
    • iPhone’s screen gets dim
    • An on-screen temperature warning notification appears
    • Some programs may suddenly close

    In the case that the iPhone cannot control its internal temperature, it goes into a deep sleep until it achieves the normal operating temperature. If your iPhone overheats and won’t turn on, you should take the device away from direct sunlight and let it rest for a while in a cooler place. Then try to turn it on. If your iPhone is too cold, move it to a warmer place and wait until it turns on.
    iphone screen showing high temperature icon

  3. Screen. If an iPhone screen won’t turn on, the problem may be that the screen is dead or with the software. To check this, simply ask somebody to call your iPhone. If it rings but nothing displays, your iPhone is okay, but you have to replace the screen. Please, do not replace the screen by yourself. We also advise you to ask for professional help at the nearest Apple Store. In some cases screen replacement may be eligible for warranty service, so you can change it for free.
  4. Software crash. If your iPhone won’t turn on and is stuck on the Apple logo, it is likely that the problem is with the software. In our previous post, we told you how to restart an iPhone. You can use these tips to reboot your device and turn it on. Also, you can try third-party applications like the iOS System Recovery to fix the issues without any data loss. In the case, when nothing helps and your iPhone won’t turn on at all, you should ask for help at the nearest Apple Store.
  5. Hardware malfunction. An iPhone is made of glass, metal and plastic. It can be easily damaged. It doesn’t matter who did it – you, your child, or a pet. It is likely that your iPhone won’t turn back on after it was punctured, dropped, crushed or it comes in contact with a liquid. You should contact Apple Support to find out what to do next. Whether it is a problem with the CPU or motherboard, water damage or an electronic discharge problem, only an Apple specialist can give you the right answer.
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Lots of users store tons of important information on their iPhones. When your iPhone won’t turn on, it can be alarming. Therefore, we highly recommend making regular backups of your device. Even in the worse-case scenario, if your iPhone cannot be repaired, you will be glad that you have a recent backup. However, we do hope that this situation occurs rarely and that our tips will help you to fix your iPhone.

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