Duplicate Image Finder

PrimeFile – Free Duplicate File Finder

Includes powerful tools to search for image duplicates.


  • Fast scan algorithm minimizes waiting time.
  • Preview files directly in the app allows you better control of removal process.
  • Flexible scan settings allow you to find quickly specific duplicates, without being distracted by other files.
  • Autoselection minimizes number of steps to free up disk space.

PrimeFile finds duplicate pictures of any type.

  • As usual that common users have, i.e. .jpeg, .jpg, .gif, .png, .ico and others.
  • As well created by amateur and professional applications to edit and create others: .psd, .pxm, .cdr, .tiff and others.

Advantages of PrimeFile

#1 Incredibly fast algorithm

PrimeFile – provides you with strongest scanning algorithms on the market. We really put a lot of effort in file processing logics.

#2 Really simple

Simply drag & drop folder or disk you want to check, scan and preview and select images to remove. Less clicks, less time.

#3 Wide Capability

PrimeFile – a powerful tool for finding duplicate images and any other file types.

#4 Free

The application is available in the Mac App Store for free! in-App purchase is required to scan and delete folders and hidden files.