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Find Duplicate Photos on your Mac with a Few Clicks

Nowadays, instead of wondering where to store pictures and photos, there’s a new question – how to figure out all this data. Computer users may simply ignore the steady accumulation of unnecessary and repetitive files until the moment the message “There is not enough storage” suddenly appears. But, before you go out and buy a new hard drive, it makes better sense to find and clean up the duplicates. For this task, you can use a free utility from Nektony, Duplicate File Finder for Mac, which allows you to find duplicate images and any other duplicate files in less than a minute.

Our duplicate picture finder provides the best features to quickly delete duplicate photos from your Mac or from an external drive.

  • Fast scan algorithm. It takes less than a minute to find duplicate pictures.
  • Complete control of the duplicate removal process. Preview the images found directly in the app, and quickly select unneeded copies.
  • Flexible scan settings. Specify duplicate picture extensions to scan (jpg, png, tiff, etc.). and quickly get the results of all copies of photos detected, without being distracted by other kinds of files.
  • Auto Selection option for the minimum number of steps to free up disk space.
  • Duplicate File Finder finds duplicate images of any type:
    • the commonly used extensions: .jpeg, .jpg, .gif, .png, .ico and others;
    • specific image extensions created by amateur and professional applications: .psd, .pxm, .cdr, .tiff and others.

Three easy steps to find and remove duplicate photo

  1. Add the folders you want to compare and start scanning. 
  2. how to delete duplicate files on mac

  3. When the scan is finished, switch to the Pictures tab. Preview duplicate photos and images there and select unneeded copies.
  4. fid duplicate photos mac

  5. Delete duplicate pictures.

Advantages of Duplicate Photo Remover

1. Accurate comparison of duplicates

Duplicate File Finder provides the strongest scanning algorithms on the market. We really pay a lot of attention to the file processing logic.

2. Simple in use

Just drag & drop folders or disk to the application’s window, and start the scanning process. You will have the results in a few moments. All you need to do is to select duplicate files and click to remove them.

3. Wide Capabilities

Duplicate File Finder allows you to find duplicate images, videos, music, archives and any other types of files.
You will also find some great additional features, such as Similar folders (folders with duplicate and unique files), smart cleanup hints and the Auto Select option for all duplicate file types.

4. Free to download

The application is available in the Mac App Store for free! In-App purchase is required if you want to get Pro-benefits.

Find and Remove any Type of Duplicate Files with Duplicate File Finder

Note, the dupe file finder software finds duplicates of any file extension. It also allows you to detect duplicate videos, music, documents, archives, other types of files, and even duplicate and similar folders.
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