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If you want to uninstall Flash Player on Mac, then you face a problem. Adobe Flash is not displayed on Launchpad or in any folder in the Applications. You can see it in the System Preferences Panes of your Mac only. However, there are two ways to uninstall Adobe Flash on Mac.


  1. Uninstall Adobe Flash manually.
  2. Uninstall Adobe Flash automatically.

Uninstall Flash Player manually

  1. Click System Preferences menu at the Apple menu
  2. Right click on the Flash Player and click Remove”Flash Player” Preference Pane.
  3. System Preferences window with adopbe flash icon

  4. Open the Finder and go to the Library folder and find the following directory: ~Library/PreferencePanes.
  5. Find and remove the Flash Player subfolder in the PreferencePanes folder.

PreferencePanes folder in Library

Please be careful and make sure that you are deleting the correct pane. Removal of the Apple default System Preferences Panes may damage your system.

Uninstall Flash Player on Mac with
App Cleaner & Uninstaller

App Cleaner & Uninstaller is a special program to completely remove any type of applications from Mac. It automatically finds support files of apps and removes them safely. Follow these steps to uninstall Adobe Flash Player:

  1. Launch App Cleaner & Uninstaller.
  2. Scan your applications.
  3. Select Adobe Flash Player from the list of apps and click the Remove button.
  4. uninstalling flash player with App Cleaner

  5. Confirm uninstalling of Adobe Flash Player.
  6. confirmation window to uninstall flash player

Video Guide: How to uninstall apps on a Mac

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