Uninstall Office 2011 on Mac

To delete MS Office quicky you can download a free Office Uninstaller app App Cleaner. It will allow to remove all service files of Microsoft Office and other applications.

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To delete Microsoft Office manually you have to do the following steps:

How to uninstall Microsoft Office on Mac manually 

It could be easily done via Dock or Force Quit Applications window ( hold ⌘+ Option + ESC)

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Remove the whole MS Office set from Applications folder (usually all the apps are in one common folder)

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Empty the Trash after.

At this step most of users stop thinking that Office was deleted completely. But we have a bad news for you. Some apps’ leftovers still remain in hidden folders like the ones below.

Delete remaining files in the following locations:


~Library / Preferences

~Library / LaunchDaemons

~Library / PrivilegedHelperTools

~Library / Preferences

In the following locations search for Microsoft or Office files

~Library / Application Support

~Library / Receipts

~private / var / db / receipts

~Library / Automator

~Users / [user name] / Library / Application Support

~Library / Fonts (if you don’t want to save them)

~Library / Internet Plug-Ins (delete “SharePointBrowserPlugin.plugin” & “SharePointWebKitPlugin.webplugin”)

Almost all of these folders are hidden by default. To find them display hidden files and folders. Read the article if you don’t know this Mac trick –  Show hidden files on Mac.

Or go directly to the desired folder by pressing a shortcut (⌘+Shft+G) and copying the directory there.

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Quick Microsoft Office Uninstaller

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