Uninstall Office on Mac

To delete MS Office quicky you can download a free app App Cleaner X. It will allow to remove all service files of Microsoft Office and other applications.

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To delete Microsoft Office manually you have to do the following steps:

Delete all applications from MS Office group

It could be easily done via Dock or Force Quit Applications window ( hold ⌘+ Option + ESC)

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Delete the whole MS Office set from Applications folder (usually all the apps are in one common folder)

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Empty the Trash after.

At this step most of users stop thinking that Office was deleted completely. But we have a bad news for you. Some apps’ leftovers still remain in hidden folders like the ones below.

Delete remaining files in the following locations:


~Library / Preferences

~Library / LaunchDaemons

~Library / PrivilegedHelperTools

~Library / Preferences

In the following locations search for Microsoft or Office files

~Library / Application Support

~Library / Receipts

~private / var / db / receipts

~Library / Automator

~Users / [user name] / Library / Application Support

~Library / Fonts (if you don’t want to save them)

~Library / Internet Plug-Ins (delete “SharePointBrowserPlugin.plugin” & “SharePointWebKitPlugin.webplugin”)

Almost all of these folders are hidden by default. To find them display hidden files and folders. Read the article if don’t know this Mac trick. Show hidden files on Mac

Or go directly to the desired folder by pressing a shortcut (⌘+Shft+G) and copying the directory there.

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