How to Clear Cache in Firefox

“Cache” refers to all the data on web pages viewed through a browser. The cache stores information about images, videos and any other content of websites. It helps to make your browser run faster. If the page you want to view is already in the cache, the browser instantly downloads it from your hard drive.

The cache should be periodically cleaned to free up memory on your hard disk. Clearing cache also helps to display pages correctly,  for example, if some changes in design have been made. In this article we will tell you how to clear the Firefox cache. If you use Safari or Google Chrome, read our previous article How to delete browsing history.

Clearing Cache in Firefox

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox browser.
  2. Go to Menu Bar → History → Clear Recent History.  

clear firefox cache

  1. Choose Time Range to Clear:
  • Last hour
  • Last two hours
  • Last four hours
  • Today
  • Everything

clear browser cache firefox

  1. Click “Clear Now” button.

clearing firefox cache

  1. Close and restart Firefox browser.

If you only need to delete cookies in Firefox, read the article How to clear cookies on Mac.

Reset Firefox with App Cleaner

You can also use free software App Cleaner for clearing cache in Firefox. The app allows you to reset Firefox to default settings.

  1. Download App Cleaner and launch it.
  2. Choose Firefox from the scanned apps and select its cache files.
  3. Click “Remove” button.  

clear cache - firefox

App Cleaner allows you to clear the cache of any application.

app cleaner icon
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