Apple releases new iPhone models and iOS system updates each year to provide to customers a better experience and to add innovations. For the user’s convenience, basic parameters of the new iOS update are similar to the previous iOS version. However, sometimes some options may change a lot.

That happened with the battery percentage display on the iPhone X. If you feel confused because you do not see the battery percentage on your iPhone X, keep calm because it is still there.

In this article, we want to show you how to display battery percentage on an iPhone X and previous models.


1. How to show battery percentage on iPhone 8 or earlier models
2. How to show battery percentage on iPhone X and later

Show battery percentage on iPhone 8 or earlier models

Owners of the iPhone 8 or previous models can enable the iPhone battery percentage in Settings. For this, follow the next simple steps:

  • Go to Settings.
  • In the menu, find and tap on the Battery section.

iphone battery percentage.png

  • Use the switch button to enable the Battery Percentage display.
  • show battery percentage on iphone

    Now you can control the battery percentage on the display of your iPhone 8 or of the earlier model.

    Show battery percentage on iPhone X and later

    You cannot enable the permanent display of battery percentage on an iPhone X, as it is technically unavailable. The screen of an iPhone X is bigger than the iPhone 8 and it has the speaker notch, which divides the top of the screen into two parts. However, to see the iPhone X battery percentage you do not have to go to Settings. You just need to swipe down to open the iPhone Control Center and you will see the percentage near the battery icon. Also, within the Control Center you can turn on/off the music, flight mode, wi-fi, and so on.
    iphone control center


    As shown above, it is quite simple to enable or check the battery percentage on iPhone X and earlier models. In fact, it only takes a few seconds to do this. So, we do hope that this article was useful for you. Read our previous articles to find more useful information about iPhones.

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