4. Find big files/folders


Disk Expert’s purpose is to help you to find “space eaters” – files and folders that occupy volumes space. There can be several big unused files or tons of small unused files on a volume.

To display files you should scan a disk for files structure. Select a volume and press “Scan Volume” button, or use Cmd+S shortcut. The scanning process can take from several seconds to ten minutes, depends on files and folders count and disk speed.

During the scanning process, you can see animated “ray” that means scanning process. Located files are displayed in sunburst diagram mode. During disk scan process your san sees files and folders size hovering mouse cursor on them.


Since scan process is complete, Disk Expert shows files structure for the volume scanned. Bigger files and folders are displayed in the list of 25 biggest items.


After scan process is complete, you can navigate through the file structure.

Clicking on the center circle for scanned volume switches free space displaying mode – show file structure with free space or show file structure ignoring free space. Clicking on a folder sector item opens that folder and you can see its content in detail. Click on the center element to switch one level up. Use Cmd button pressed when to click to show the item in Finder.