Disk Space Analyzer’s purpose is to help you to analyze disk usage on your Mac, find large files and remove unneeded “space eaters” – old unused files and folders that occupy significant space on your Mac disk. There can be several big unused folders or tons of small unused files on a disk.

To find large files and folders, do the following:

  1. Scan your disk or a particular folder and wait until the app finishes the process.
  2. Once the scanning is complete, Disk Space Analyzer shows files structure as a sunburst diagram based on scanned volume.
  3. Start navigating through the file structure by clicking on each section of the diagram.
  4. analyzing results for documants on Mac
    folder analyzing results in Disk Space Analyzer

    Also, you can use the Outline tab on the right section to see the sizes of the folders as diagram sections.
    Disk Space Analyzer with folder and outline highlighted