Startup Disk is Full

How to quickly free up several Mb of disk space if your Mac is full and displays the following message:
There are a few tips how to reclaim around ~4 Gb of space in a matter of 2-3 minutes.

  1. Delete junk files.
  2. Delete unnecessary desktop pictures.
  3. Delete unnecessary dictionaries.
  4. Delete unnecessary fonts.

Step 1. Delete Junk Files

For this, use a free application Startup Disk Full Fixer. The app allows you to find and delete all junk files on your Mac:

  • Application caches
  • Application logs
  • Web browser caches
  • iTunes temporary files
  • Mail downloads
  • Application remains
  • Xcode junk files

Step 2. Delete Unnecessary Desktop Pictures

Go to the folder Macintosh HD > Library > Desktop Picturesit contains 52 images of 432.52 Mb. You are free to delete all redundant pictures.


Step 3. Delete Unnecessary Dictionaries

Your system has 26 pre-installed dictionaries of 818 Mb. Except English, there are German (Duden), Chinese, French, Portuguese, Italian, Korean, Russian, Hindi, Thai and other languages. Dictionaries can be found in
Macintosh HD > Users > your user > Library > Dictionaries.

You can easily find out which files should be deleted by their name.


Step 4. Delete Unnecessary Fonts

Almost like with dictionaries, there are pre-installed fonts for various languages, e.g. Chinese, Hebrew, Hindu, Arabic. Doubtful if you need all of them. Redundant fonts can be found in:

Macintosh HD > Users > your user > Library > Fonts.

They take up to 900 Mb. And there are 5 files more than 50 Mb.

Profound cleanup

All together steps 1-4 can free up to 4 Gb. It can give you a breathing space, but in case you need a profound cleanup and transfer or trash disk content, we advise to use disk space analyzing tool like Disk Expert. It scans the whole drive and provides it in a form of pie chart. Biggest sectors stand for files and folders, that simple.