Duplicate File Finder Gets Amazing 5.1 Update

We’re happy to share Duplicate File Finder new version 5.1 which brings exclusive features for quick organizing and deleting duplicate files on your Mac. Duplicate File Finder was designed to help you to quickly get rid of useless duplicate content. If you get the update you will get these new features:

At the same time, you will still be able to use all of the tools you already had. Moreover, the smart cleanup hints are now available for the Free version of the application.

Now, let’s make things perfectly clear and see what you get with Duplicate File Finder Free or Pro modes.

Free Mode Version

  1. Detection and listing of all duplicate files and folders.
  2. Any drive type support. Can scan folders, hard drives and even network drive.
  3. Quick removal of duplicate files.
  4. QuickLook option to preview duplicates.
  5. Option to view the duplicate files directory and quickly open them in the Finder.
  6. Auto-Select feature to quickly select duplicates in specific folders.
  7. Сapability to add any file, folder or file extension to the Skip List.
  8. Sorting of duplicates by different categories (type, name, count, path and size) for fast and easy search.
  9. Tuning the speed of duplicates search process by regulating the size of files that should be scanned.
  10. Cleanup hints section which provides useful tips for quicker and smarter removal of duplicates.

Pro Mode Version – includes all the features of free mode and even more:

    1. Removal not only of duplicate files but copies of folders as well.
    2. Similars Tab, where you can operate similar folders, folders which contain both duplicate and similar files.
    3. Merge Folders option. The ability to merge the content of Similar folders.
    4. Support of hidden files. Can find and remove even hidden duplicate files and folders.
    5. Capability to select a bunch of duplicate files in particular folders.
    6. Duplicates removal history and support of removed files recovery.

    If you decide to upgrade and get all the features, follow the guide How to Upgrade to Pro.

    Duplicate File Finder v.5.1

    Free Download