Duplicate File Finder gets a new update

Asya Karapetyan
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December 19, 2023
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Great news! Duplicate File Finder has got a new update. The new version 8 is already here. If you’re all about keeping your digital life organized, this update is your new best friend. Duplicate File Finder window
Duplicate File Finder is an application that finds all types of duplicate files and similar photos. It also provides numerous additional features, like merging folders, comparing folders, and comparing files. Besides all the thousands of positive reviews about the application, our team is always working on polishing its design.

The app showing duplicate files
The new design is not just for show; it’s all about making your life easier. The layout is cleaner, navigating is a breeze, and there are handy visual hints to guide you through. It’s like getting a cool upgrade for your favorite app.

The app showing similar photos
Let’s take a look at the main benefits of Duplicate File Finder.

  • Find duplicate pictures – scan even Photos Library for duplicates.
  • Find duplicate music – find duplicate and similar audio files in any folder, including Music Library.
  • Find similar photos – pictures that differ a bit, compare, and choose which one you want to keep and which one to delete.
  • Find similar folders – folders that contain duplicate and unique files.
  • Merge Folders – move or copy the content from one folder to another. You can merge similar folders and any two folders on your Mac.
  • Restore removed files – if you removed some files by mistake, you can view the Removal History and restore files from the Trash.
  • Save and restore scan results – if you have not finished the current session and want to quit the app, enable this option to restore the scan results later.

Duplicate File Finder is Apple-notarised, it is regularly updated for the latest macOS. The application is free to find and remove duplicates. You can upgrade to the Pro mode if you need more features to organize your files. Let’s see in more detail what you get with the Free and Pro modes of the app.

Free Mode Version

  • Detection and listing of all duplicate files and folders.
  • Support of any drive type. It can find duplicates in folders, hard drives, and even the network drive. Mounted cloud storage such as Dropbox and Google Drive are supported as well.
  • Support of hidden files. Can find and remove hidden duplicate files and folders.
  • Searching for duplicate and similar pictures in Photos Library.
  • Searching for duplicate and similar audio, including in Music Library.
  • Quick Look option to preview duplicates.
  • Option to view the duplicate files directory and quickly open them in the Finder.
  • Auto Select feature to quickly select or keep duplicate files in specific folders.
  • Capability to add any file, folder, or file extension to the Skip List.
  • Sorting of duplicates by different categories (type, name, count, path, and size) for fast and easy searches.
  • Tuning the speed of the duplicate search process by regulating the size of files that should be scanned.
  • Cleanup hints section, which provides useful tips for quicker and smarter removal of duplicates.
  • Similar Folders Tab, where you can preview similar folders – folders that contain both duplicate and similar files.
  • Duplicates removal history.
  • Comparing folders.
  • Comparing files.

Pro Mode Version – includes all the features of Free mode and even more:

  • Duplicate folders’ removal – removal of not only duplicate files but copies of folders as well.
  • Duplicates removal in Similar folders.
  • The Merge Folders option. Ability to merge the content of scanned folders.
  • Select Duplicates in Folder option – the capability of selecting a bunch of duplicate files in particular folders.
  • Restoration of removed duplicates.
  • Deleting files from the compared folders.
  • Premium support.


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