In the Startup Programs section, you will find the list of all launch agents, login items and system daemons installed on your Mac.

  • Launch Agents are hidden or background programs that run on user login or system startup. You can disable the agents’ auto-launch or delete the launch agents from the disk. App Cleaner displays agents stored in the current user and system folders and allows you to manage them.
  • Login Items are user-facing programs that run on user login. The app displays a list of installed applications that have special agents and you can disable their auto-launch. You can also manage login items accessible through System Preferences.
  • System daemons are the files that contain scripts to automatically manage system service processes. System daemons are loaded on system startup and they run processes for all the users on Mac.

If you want to change Startup programs, then switch the slider “Disable/Enable” next to the items to detach them from your Mac operating system.

check startup items