7. Shortcut commands

App Cleaner & Uninstaller allows you to run some commands from the Main Menu through shortcuts for your convenience.

Processing Applications
⌘R – Find apps and their service files for deleting
⌘O – Choose and remove a specified app
⌘⌥O – Reset the app to the state before the first launch (delete the app’s service files)
⌘⇧O – Show apps in Finder window
⌘I – Show information about a chosen app

View Modes
⌘1 – Go into display application mode
⌘2 – Go into Extensions displaying mode
⌘3 – Go into Remains displaying mode

Applications Selection
⌘A – Select all elements to delete
⌘⇧A – Select service files for apps selected by the filter
⌘D – Deselect marks from all previously selected elements