App Cleaner & Uninstaller starts to scan the Applications folder right after being launched and shows all of the installed apps on your hard drive. It finds all temporary files created by each of these applications.

You can view a list of all apps with their service files in the Applications section.
When you click on any app you will see short information about it in the right column: total size, number of service files and so on.

uninstalling applications on a mac

Switch to the Expert mode to view the list of support files in more detail. These files should be cleared when you uninstall apps.

uninstaller cleanup

You can remove an app completely or delete only some of the files from its service folders.

If you want to delete an app completely, just select it and click the Uninstall button. Also, you can select all its files in the right section and click the Remove button.

You can remove just the supporting files as well, which means performing an application reset. For your convenience service files from each application are grouped and displayed by their respective categories.

View Supported Documents Types

Some apps may open documents in specific formats, such formats are listed in a section called Supported Document Types.

app uninstaller - support files

View specific file types

You can click on each file from the Supported Document Types to view the files found of a specific file type. App Cleaner & Uninstaller displays a search button for every format.

cleaner app for mac