For sure, while operating on macOS, applications could have been installed and deleted before the first launch of App Uninstaller. Applications are frequently removed by a simple dragging of the application file to the Trash. At the same time, all supporting and temporary files remain on the disk, cluttering up the system. It’s obvious such files are no longer needed and simply take up your disk space. We call such files Remains. App Uninstaller makes it possible to find and review such “forgotten” files and delete them.

How to find and delete Remains

Right after being launched, App Uninstaller finds all the unneeded applications and related files as well as Remains – forgotten files.

Choose view mode “Remains” to see them. 

To do this click on the Remains panel, use menu command View → Remains or the CMD+2 shortcut.

The list on the left contains the file names of an application’s files sets. Since the application has been removed and there is no way to know its name, one of its files left on the drive is taken as its name.

By selecting one of the elements in the left table, you can see all the related files remaining from the deleted application. To delete Remains, you need to select the files of interest and click Remove.

*Some applications create and write their temporary files in different folders, violating Apple requirements on the organization of temporary and service files. In this case, these files can be found by App Uninstaller and displayed as Remains, too, although in reality, these files are still in use by applications. Please be careful when removing Remains, as the removal of certain files without removing the app can lead to malfunctioning of the system.