How to Make Mac Run Faster

Memory management – is a very important component of your Mac operability. Today we will tell about most important recommendations that allow you to run Mac faster.

Close Unused Application

Many users do not close applications and keep them open all the time. Usually these are such applications as Microsoft Word (Excel, Pages, Numbers), iMovie and so on. Motivated by the fact that they have no time to wait for the application to start. So remember that the time you spend working on overloaded Mac is much more greater than the time you spend waiting for the program to be run.

Close Unused Browser Tabs

People often do not close tabs in browsers in order to save time or to avoid losing of important information. Unfortunately, maintaining of all tabs terribly consumes resources. It is much better to use bookmarks to solve this issue.

Clean Unused Memory

When operating, Mac OS X applications do not always clean up after themselves, which leads to reoccupation of RAM with dormant parts or entire applications. To address this problem, you can use our free app – Memory Cleaner X. It release the memory used by that at times speeds up your Mac.

Use Updated Software

Choose a regularly updated applications and always update them. Mac OS X is renowned for its optimization. High-quality applications are updated with almost every patch to be adjusted to the new features of the shell. Of course it happens that with the release of a patch for Mac OS X there is no need update the application as a key tool was not affected. Normal applications are updated every 1-3 months.

Reboot Your Mac

Apple computers do not need to be turned off at the end of work, you can safely sleep your device and quickly return it to work. Nevertheless, it is recommended every 1-2 weeks do reboot your system to make it clean.

Follow these tips and your Mac will always work consistently fast. And you’ll be less likely to see this:


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