Clean up your Mac with Funter

Funter is a special app to find hidden files and show hidden files on a Mac. Funter makes it easy to not only operate hidden files on Mac but also have quick access to the tools to view and operate removable files on your disk. Funter shows how many junk files, duplicates, unused applications and old files are stored on your Mac, and allows you to quickly open a tool to get rid of them. You can optimize your Mac with Funter manually or download MacCleaner Pro to quickly do it with the bundle’s tools. Let’s learn about this option in more detail.

Almost every computer user stores duplicate photos, videos, music, documents and other types of files, which tend to occupy useless space on your disk. Although it is difficult to believe that this problem is serious, after you find your duplicates, you will realize that the number of them can be surprisingly significant. Of course, this may be not relevant for those who have a new operating system, hard drive, or computer. However, if you have used your Mac for a year or more, most likely you have a sizeable number of duplicate files and folders. Removal of these files will free up more space on your disk.
You can see how many gigabytes of duplicates you have in Funter’s System Usage section. Click Duplicates for more details about them:

  • Potential duplicates
  • Used space

Duplicate File Remover from Funter
If you use MacCleaner Pro, click launch Duplicate File Finder to scan your hard drive for duplicate files. Preview duplicates → select unneeded copies → click to Remove them. If you want to find duplicates manually, read our previous article “Two ways to find and remove duplicates on Mac.”
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Get Duplicate File Finder by downloading MacCleaner Pro

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