Duplicate File Finder is a software tool that optimizes and cleans up your Mac from unneeded duplicate files, folders and similar photos. All the duplicates you decide to delete with this app will automatically go to the Trash.

Sometimes an important file may accidentally be deleted. Fortunately, you can easily recover deleted files and folders with Duplicate File Finder.

If you see this window it means that your application doesn’t have access to the Trash.

privacy settings on Catalina

To let the App restore items from your Trash, complete these simple steps:

  1. Go to System PreferencesSecurity & PrivacyPrivacy.
  2. Select the Full Disk Access section. Click the Lock icon to make changes and enter your user password.
    Then click the Plus icon.
  3. Full disk access on macOS Catalina

  4. Go to the Applications folder and add Duplicate File Finder.
  5. applications folder on mac

  6. Click the Lock icon again to prevent further changes and close System Preferences.
  7. add app for full access

  8. Now you can easily restore all the necessary removed items.
  9. restore removed files by Duplicate File Finder

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