7. Merge Folders

Duplicate File Finder allows you to merge scanned folders. This option would be helpful for you if you need to quickly organize your duplicate files and folders. When you merge folders, the application moves or copies unique files from one folder to another. Here are the steps on how to merge folders:

  1. Scan your folders or disks and switch to the Merge Folders tab. You can also click the Merge Folders button in the Similar Folders tab.
  2. merge folder mac

  3. Select the source and destination folders to move or copy the content.
  4. Before merging folders, you can specify the preferences for the action. Click the gear icon in the top right corner or go to PreferencesMerge tab. Choose whether to move or copy unique files from one folder to another. If you wish to add color tags to the merged files, choose the color for them.
  5. merge preferences

    Once you set up all the needed preferences, click on Review & Merge. In the next window, you will see which files are going to be copied/moved. If everything is right, confirm merging by clicking the Merge button.
    review merge folders
    If you still have questions, read the article How to merge folders with Duplicate File Finder or drop us a line at [email protected]. We will be happy to help you.