5. Preferences

Duplicate File Finder provides you with the ability to change some settings or use useful options for a quicker and more efficient duplicate search process.

To open Preferences use the Command(⌘) + Comma sign (,) key shortcut or go to the Menu bar → select Duplicate File Finder → click Preferences.

Here you will find six tabs:

    • General
    • Skip list
    • Auto Select
    • Remove
    • Merge
    • Advanced

Let’s take a closer look at each section of the settings.

General Tab

The application allows you to scan even hidden folders. To enable this option, just tick Scan Hidden Folders checkbox. Please note this option may slow down the scanning speed depending on how many hidden files you have.

check all duplicates.png

The Full-scale duplicates scan option means that the application scans the entire contents of the files. If the option is disabled, then the app checks only the parts of the files. This rule concerns only to files binary formats. For simple formats (for example, text, bmp), Duplicate File Finder checks the file completely.

By default Duplicate File Finder skips scanning small files.This helps you to speed up the scanning process by previewing only the biggest duplicates. But you can set up the minimal size of the files you want to be scanned. So select one of the options in General tab depending on your needs:

  • Skip small files
  • Skip files smaller than… and select the size of files on the size line.
  • Check all files

skip files

The last option in this tab is Save and Restore Scan Results. This means, that if you close the application, the history of scanned folders will be saved. When you run the app the next time, you can quickly view the results of the last scan.
scan drive for duplicate

Skip List Tab

In this section you can select the folders, files or extension types to be skipped from the scan. Click the Plus button to add items or use the Minus button to remove items from Skip list.

Auto Select Tab

You can change the setting of the folders to be selected or never selected when you use the Auto Select button. It’s a convenient option when you need to remove duplicates from particular folders. In this case, add the folders you want to the Never Select list to exclude them from selection, and add the folders to the Always Select list to remove them when the Auto Select button is used.
auto select tab

Also, you can add prefixes and suffixes used in the file name to be selected.
auto select duplicate

And finally, you can enable or disable other selecting rules for the Auto Select option by marking the appropriate checkboxes and choosing the needed option for each of them.
select duplicates outside photo library

Remove Tab

It may happen that when you remove files copies, some folders may become empty. So if you want to remove the empty folders automatically, enable the option “Remove empty folders.”
remove duplicate mac
By default when you remove files with Duplicate File Finder, they are sent to Trash. Here you can enable the option to remove your files permanently without moving them to Trash. Generally, you can select one of the following options:

  • Move to Trash
  • Remove
  • Move duplicates to a folder

If you select the third option, then you will be asked to choose the folder from Finder.
move to trash duplicates file

Merge Tab

Apart from finding and deleting duplicates, the application allows you to merge the scanned folders. In the Merge tab you can set up the preferences for this option:

  • Move unique files when you merge Similar folders
  • Copy unique files when you merge Similar folders (in this case the source folder will automatically be removed)
  • Set Finder color tag to merged files

merge preferences

Advanced Tab

If you have used Duplicate File Finder and know all the options of the app quite well, you may wish to disable some confirmation messages in order to make the duplicates cleanup process quicker for you. In the Advanced tab of the Preferences window you can enable or disable the following messages and options:

  • Show the Overview tab after scanning
  • Show confirmation window when using the Auto Select option
  • Show confirmation window after successful removal
  • Allow removing all duplicates (if you enable this option, you allow the app to remove both duplicate copy and original file)

how to remove duplicate