To select unecessary copies within a specific folder, use the Select Duplicates in Folder option.

Switch to the Select Duplicates in Folder tab. You will see a new window with a list of your folders and detailed information about how many duplicate and unique files exist.

duplicate file mac

If you want to select duplicates in a folder for removal, tick the checkboxes near the folders’ names. If you want to keep all files in a folder and select their duplicates in other folders, click the Star icon near the folder’s name. Then click the Review & Remove button.

similar file finder

Preview the files once more and if everything is in order, click to Remove them. 

duplicate document finder

Note that when you remove duplicates in the Select Duplicates in Folder window, you can be assured that you will not remove all copies by accident. At least one duplicate will be kept because the application makes it impossible to select all folders and duplicate copies.

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