6. Shortcuts

There are quick navigational shortcuts provided in the app that would help make your duplicate cleanup process even faster and easier.

General Navigation

+⬇ (⬆) – navigate through duplicate groups

Enter – select the checkbox

Space – quickLook preview of the selected file (press arrow down or up to switch to the next file preview).

+⬇(⬆) – select the last (first)  item in the current list.

⌘+N – new scan

++O – open the Finder window to select the folders for scanning

+R – rescan the current folder

+O – switch to Overview tab

+1 – switch to All files tab

+2 – switch to Pictures tab

+3 – switch to Movies tab

+4 – switch to Music tab

+5 – switch to Documents tab

+6 – switch to Archives tab

+7 – switch to Others tab

+8 – switch to Folders tab

+⬆ – switch to upper file group

Shortcuts for Similars tab:

In the Similars you can see 3 sections:

  1. A list of all similar folders.
  2. A list of similar folders to a folder you have selected from the first section.
  3. Comparison between two file lists of folders selected from the first and second panels.

Here are the shortcuts for these panels:

Tab – switch from one panel to the next

Tab+⬆ – return to the previous panel

Command+⬇(⬆) – switch between similar folders

Selecting the files

↵ – select (deselect) file or folder

1…9 – select items for removal by a number

⬆+1…9 – select all items except one with a number

+A – select all duplicates

+E – select newest duplicates

+L – select oldest duplicates

+K – select any duplicates

+D – deselect all duplicates

+A+⬆ – select the duplicates in active group

+E+⬆ – select newest duplicates in active group

+L+⬆ – select oldest copies for removal in active group

+K+⬆ – select any copies in active group

+D+⬆ – deselect duplicates in active group

+S – show a list of selected duplicates

Other Shortcuts

+O+⬆ – reveal file in the Finder

+I – show file information

+O – open the file

Space – preview the file

⬇ or ⬆ – preview the next file from the list

+, – open Preferences window

+W – close Preferences window

+M – minimize the application window

+F+^ – enter fullscreen mode

+/ – show the context hints