If you like to make many pictures to get the best one, then you may have plenty of unnecessary similar photos. Apart from finding absolutely identical photos by size and binary data, Duplicate File Finder also finds and displays similar photos. Here’s how to manage your similar photos, quickly sort them, organize, and remove unwanted pics.

  1. Switch to the Similar Photos tab.
  2. Here you will see photos grouped by similarity.
  3. similar photo

  4. Review each group of similar photos and select unneeded ones. The green frame and violet frames indicate which photos from the list are displayed in the Preview section.
  5. similar photos switch

  6. You can also use the Auto Select feature to automatically keep one picture in each group and select all other files.
  7. similar pictures finder

  8. Once you have selected all unwanted photos, click on Review & Remove and confirm their deletion.
  9. remove similar photos