MacCleaner Pro allows you to explore your files, apps and documents to find out what is taking up your disk space. Switch to the Manage disk space section to view your disk usage in detail.


After extraction archives, most users forget to remove .zip files. These files usually take up huge space on your disk and are likely unnecessary.. Switch to the Archives category to view the list of all .zip files on your Mac. Select and remove unwanted ones.


Switch to the Documents category to view a list of your documents. Review and remove large files and folders you don’t need.


On your Mac, you may store movies downloaded from iTunes, created with video editing apps or transferred from your iPhone. Whatever the reason you keep video files on your Mac, you should keep in mind that these files take up huge disk space. Manually locating them may be tricky. Go to the Movie category in MacCleaner Pro, review your video files, and remove all large and unneeded ones.


As well as movies, downloading music from iTunes causes the Mac disk space to be filled. Go to the Music category to review a list of all music files stored on your Mac. Select unwanted songs and click to remove them.

Pictures and photos

Pictures are another type of space consumer on a Mac. Manually searching for them takes a lot of time and it’s unnecessary, since MacCleaner Pro automatically locates all pictures on your hard drive and displays them in the appropriate category.

Go to the Pictures category, review the list of all image files on your Mac, select unneeded pictures and click to remove them.


Click the Applications category to view the list of all apps installed on your Mac, the date you used them last and the disk space they are taking up. Click on the Uninstall with App Cleaner button. It will launch a special uninstaller from Pro tools which allows you to remove unwanted apps completely and safely.

Duplicate files

Click on this category to see the volume of duplicate pictures, movies, music, documents, archives, and other types of duplicate files. You can review all duplicates with appropriate software from Pro Tools – Duplicate File Finder. Just click the Review with Duplicate Finder button to launch this app and remove or organize your duplicate files and folders.

System files

There are tons of system files on your Mac that can’t be removed or shouldn’t be removed for the system to work correctly, but it’s useful to know about them and understand what is on your Mac hard drive. In the System category, you can view the volume of system operating files, files in the Library folder, and inaccessible folders such as the folders of other Mac users.

Home folder

Here you can view what is in your Home folder. Please note that the items in the Home folder are displayed in the appropriate categories of files in the list above.