MacCleaner Pro provides special separate applications for a deep cleanup of a Mac. In the Manage disk space section, you viewed what is on your disk. With the Pro tools and helpers, you can easily locate and remove all unwanted stuff from your Mac disk.

Switch to each section from the sidebar and click to launch the appropriate application depending on what files and items you want to locate and remove.

Find duplicate files

Go to this section and run the Duplicate file Finder for the following tasks:

  • Find and remove duplicate files and folders
  • Find and remove unneeded similar photos in Photos library
  • Find similar folders – the folders with both duplicate and unique files
  • Merge similar folders

Duplicate File Finder Help


Uninstall applications

Go to this section and run App Cleaner & Uninstaller for the following tasks:

  • Completely uninstall applications
  • Reset applications to default state
  • Disable/enable/remove web browser extensions
  • Disable/enable startup programs
  • Remove remaining files of previously deleted apps
  • Change files associations for different types of files

App Cleaner & Uninstaller Help


Analyze disk space usage

Go to this section and run Disk Space Analyzer for the following tasks:

  • Scan any disk or folder, including external storages
  • Analyze and view disk space usage in a convenient sunburst diagram
  • Find the biggest files and folders
  • Easily operate the bulkiest content on a Mac

Disk Space Analyzer Help



Funter is a special tool to easily operate hidden files on a Mac. Run Funter for the following tasks:

  • Show hidden files and folders with one click
  • Hide files and folders with one click
  • Search for hidden files and folders
  • Copy, move or remove hidden files and folders

Funter Help


Memory Cleaner

If after both fast cleanup and speed up operations, your Mac still works slowly, we recommend that you use Memory Cleaner. This helps regularly monitor memory usage by apps and automatically clear inactive RAM each time your system is out of RAM.

Run Memory cleaner for the following tasks:

  • Monitor memory usage on a Mac
  • Find most memory consuming apps
  • Free up RAM memory with one click
  • Set up the frequency of RAM cleanup and let the app do this task automatically

Memory Cleaner Help