If you face the problem of a slow Mac, follow these steps to speed up your system with MacCleaner Pro:

  1. Switch to the Speed up Mac section from the sidebar.
  2. Take a look at the provided options. All of these operations can be safely run by the app for a fast speed up:
    • Free up RAM – clear inactive RAM memory
    • Disable startup programs – stop automatically running apps at Mac login.
    • Reindex Spotlight – reset the Spotlight index to fix the search issues.
    • Reindex Mail – when Mail fails to launch or some messages are missing, update the list of emails and fix all issues with your Mailbox.
  3. Switch to the Expert mode to take a look at other options for Mac speedup:
    • Disable internet plugins – special program components that add specific features for Internet browsing and may make your Mac run slowly.
    • Disable browser extensions – small software programs that add additional functionality to a web browser but affect its performance speed.
    • Quit heavy consumers – close the apps that require high memory usage and often freeze.
  4. Once all the operations are selected, click the Speed Up button and confirm performing selected tasks.

After this, you will notice that your Mac has started to work faster.