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We really appreciate our users taking the time out to share their experience with our applications. Our team was impressed by one of the last deep reviews about Duplicate File Finder. It encourages us to do our best to continue improving our apps. So today, we want to share this review and help other users get Duplicate File Finder closer for removing duplicate files and folders on a Mac computer.

Review source – the App Store 

What really has driven me to write this review is the support level. So I’ll open with this and then go over the software. Since purchasing the pro version of Nektony’s Duplicate File Finder less than a month ago I’ve reached out to support on four different cases and on each one I received a competent response in less than 12 hours, no matter what time of day my initial inquiry went out. In each case, the problem or question was answered/solved within 24 hours. No back and forth trying to explain what I’m trying to do (which in many cases is not straightforward!) This is unheard of. I’m a software developer myself as well as the manager of a team of engineers. I’m not easy to please, but this has blown me away.

It’s rare that I’m motivated to write a positive review for software – I’m as much a skeptical consumer as I am a critical user. I’ve had several go-arounds with several other programs that claim to accomplish the very complex task of finding and eliminating duplicate files on one or many drives in a user interface that is functional and easy to follow. I hadn’t found one that meets my demands until now.

It’s not easy meeting the needs of every user in this regard. Some might want to keep the oldest files, some might want to only keep the most recent duplicate. In some cases, you might actually NOT want to delete a byte-by-byte identical file that happens to have a slightly different file name due to dependencies, connections to other applications, etc. This is the ONLY duplicate file finder application I’ve ever found that seems to account for as many situations I throw at it. They’ve thought of every situation I’ve been able to come up with. Not only can you set autoselect rules for what files are considered duplicates (by folder location, file name, modification date, file name, path length, name length, nesting level, etc) you can also prioritize the rules!

Bear with me… Let’s say I have one master drive where I keep all my files organized nicely, let’s call it “MainDrive” Then, I have consolidated a whole binder’s worth of old CD-Rs, DVD-Rs, thumb/flash drives, etc to an additional external drive – let’s call it “MessyDrive”. Before I start sorting all the files from “MessyDrive” onto “MainDrive” I want to first eliminate any duplicates that are residing on “MessyDrive”. But there also might be several copies of those duplicates on “MessyDrive”. In my case, I want to keep the oldest file. BUT I do NOT want to delete the duplicate that resides on “MainDrive” if the date is newer than the file on “MessyDrive” (That’s just one less file I have to organize into it’s an appropriate folder. I can simply set an autoselect to “Always select in specified folder” then select “MessyDrive” and then below that set a rule to identify the duplicate by the newest modification date.

I tested the claim that Duplicate File Finder actually does a byte by byte comparison and it held up – I created two text files that contained the same number of characters, all identical except one character. named the files with the same file name both saved at the same date & time. I put the two files in two different folders then analyzed the folders – duplicate file finder correctly did not flag these files as duplicates. Next, I did the same with a binary file – the same result. A note on this – you do want to enable “Full-scale scan”. While troubleshooting with Nektony support we did uncover one situation where there were false positives with WAV files – however, this did not occur when enabling “Full-scale scan”.. this is the option to actually do a byte-by-byte scan – so if that’s what you’re after you’ll want to select it. It does take a little longer to scan but 1 hour to scan 5TB seems reasonable to me.

Go ahead and try it out before buying and run your own tests. I will certainly update my review if I find a problem but so far – It’s a slam dunk.

Thanks again for the awesome review! We work hard to meet expectations like this.